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Successfully completed Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer certification on 6th Sep 2016 through my Company STG.

Pivotal Certified Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer! - Thirumalai Veerasamy

Pivotal Certified Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer! – Thirumalai Veerasamy

Web Delivery - Candidate

Out of 32 questions I answered 25 questions correctly and 7 wrong answers.

It is bit challenging as some of the answers are very close. 24 questions need to be answered out of 32 questions to clear the certification.

I did the following to complete the certification, it took around 3-4 weeks of time as I could spend few hours every day with other office work.

Exams Local Credit

Exams Local Credit

  • Schedule the Exam by
    • Search for PCF-D and click ‘Next’
    • Provide the Date & Timezone
    • Check the time slot available, please check the screenshot below
Exams Local Schedule

Exams Local Schedule

  • Run the compatibility test and make sure all the checkboxes are ok except the 3rd Party Cookies, Webcam/Resolution. Which has to be done manually.
  • Make sure you login 15 mins before the test and work with Live Agent to go through certain checks to get ready.
  • Good Luck !

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  1. Hey Thiru,
    Really glad you cleared the exam.. Im going to give it a try as well in Jan 2017.. Just wanted to know from a study point of view, did any past coding experience help with this certification? I mean is it an absolute necessity for one to know programming inside out to clear the exam or are concepts good enough? I come from a strong infra background and know basics of Java and PHP..