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Have you wondered how to find what API changes were introduced in a particular Java version of whenever a new Java version is released. I can hear you saying nothing is earth shaking since Java 1.5.

I am sure the Java 1.8 new features are definitely going to change the way we write code in Java

Two of the videos by Arvind Venkatraman would be definitely worth viewing.

Java 8 Language Capabilities, What’s in it for you?

Transforming Code to Java 8

Now, back to finding version specific changes in Java API. I use the following Google search query to do that

Show Java 1.8 API Changes This will give both new classes/Interfaces introduced and existing classes/interfaces but a new method/property has been added.


Java 1.7 API Changes

Java 1.6 API Changes

Java 1.5 API Changes

If there is a better way, please let me know in the comments.

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